"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
- Mahatma Gandhi

To be brief, charity starts with yourself. Before we can convince others to help people, first we must make sure we're doing the best we can do. With that said, I believe no person should go hungry, be homeless, or be denied health care. Education and the opportunity to better ourselves should also be made freely and easily available to everyone. Regardless of whether the person is "lazy" or "unwilling to work", all people should still be entitled to these basic rights. This is especially true in regards to our children, women, orphans, elderly and the needy.

Charity should never take into consideration or be dependent on someone's race or ethnicity, religion or gender, age or immigration status. In fact, the true meaning of the word "charity" originates from the Latin word "caritas" (which translates as "selfless love", "a love for all people", "the love from God to man and man to God", etc). I can only describe it as a divinely inspired love for all. Hence my motto "All Life is Precious".

Over time, the word charity first became narrowed down to mean only "the love Christ has for all", and now it's come to mean "giving resources to an organization that helps others". I truly believe the Prophet Jesus (may peace be upon him) had this same love for all of humanity, but people after him narrowed the meaning of charity to only mean love from him to all. And that's where I believe the misunderstandings come from.

Anyway, the purpose of this section is to reclaim the original meaning of the word "charity" and to help with different specific causes. And for the record, I don't benefit in any way from these links, other than the spiritual gratification one gets from helping others. And yes, the Prophet Jesus (may peace be upon him) is one of the four most revered prophets in Islam.