God willing, my intentions are to make entire sub-sections devoted to the following subjects. But these subjects are so detailed, it will take a while to get everything the way I want it to be. So for now, we'll just have to make do with these links below.
Nutrition 101
Health Alerts & Diseases
Food Risks
Going Vegetarian
(it's easier than you think)
Better Quality Foods (Organic, Halal & Kosher)
Great Nutrition Guide (pdf)
Long life, good health, and an abundance of youthful energy.

These are the attributes most people long for the most. I can't tell anyone how to eat or how much to exercise, and most wouldn't listen anyway. Which is fine, because we are blessed in this society to have an ample food supply & the freedom to choose what and when we want to eat. But it's also been proven over & over again that eating right, drinking plenty of water, and exercising are known treatments for many of our ailments. I'd even go so far as to say this triad is the proverbial fountain of youth (especially when coupled with adequate sleep).

Unfortunately, we live in a society of instant gratification, so a large percentage of us would rather get plastic surgery than exercise. Or go on some inane diet or starve themselves, rather than eat right. And literally billions of dollars in health care expenses could be saved (not to mention the lives saved!!!) if people simply stopped damaging their bodies by smoking, drinking, eating horrifically bad foods & bioengineered "foods", taking pharmaceutical drugs instead of eating your basic vegetables & lean foods, etc. There are natural cures & treatments for many of our ailments, ranging from high blood pressure and stress to diabetes (type 2, I think) and some forms of heart disease. And there's the added benefit of getting healthier, which helps us both look & feel better.

As you can probably guess, this section will be devoted to personal health and the benefits of going natural. Acupuncture, message therapy, chiropractors, and other natural remedies can be just as helpful in treating many ailments as drugs, sometimes even more so. But what many people don't realize is most doctors in the US are "physicians". Physicians by their very definition are doctors who specialize in the practice of medicine, namely prescribing drugs to cure or treat ailments. Or as I (harshly) prefer to say, they're legal drug dealers for major pharmaceutical companies. Even if a few appointments with a massage therapist and drinking more water would ease your headaches, instead you'll usually be prescribed several designer drugs instead. And all drugs have side effects, which is why some are used to mask or counter the side effects of others. I do have to say though, some physicians are pretty ethical, and will at least remind you to eat better, exercise and drink water. And some will even prescribe generic drugs or just tell you to take 2 aspirin and sleep more. Anyway, this section will be devoted to helping you make healthier life choices. Or as an amazing woman once told me, "Be careful because you only get one body."