News Sources
These are some of the news sources I highly recommend. Generally they touch on a lot of things you won't see in the American mainstream media
The Asia Times
Media Matters
China Daily
All Africa
The Man Behind The Music
My vision for the world of man is a simple one. I want to see the day where people can live and work together as one community, united by our love of life and devotion to God. A day when we can treat each other like brothers and sisters, and settle our differences without violence or treachery.

I know some will ridicule me for this goal, while others will say it's unrealistic. But I kindly and completely reject those views. I've seen people from different religions, ethnicities, and cultures working together on many positive issues. Helping re-construct churches or mosques when natural disasters strike; speaking as one voice against bigotry and unfounded hatred; and even working together in factories, having peaceful yet lively debates about the differences in each member's culture (my former coworkers, I'm looking at you lol). On the other hand, I've also seen people kill each other over land, resources, and jealousies. I've seen best friends betray each other over drugs, women, and money. I've also seen wars waged because of oil, defense contracts, and regional politics, as well as neighborhood rivalries escalate into bloodshed over things as petty as insults and "street cred".

So my response to my nay-sayers would be this: what would your solution be? Is it better for people to stay silent and allow the senseless destruction of our communities, morality, and the very planet itself? Would it be better to simply sit back and allow countless women to be raped, children to be abandoned, and entire ethnicities to be discriminated against? Or should we hide our beliefs from our peers either for fear of no longer being accepted or of being labeled "lame"? Of course not. And I couldn't consider myself a man if did.

The point of this section isn't just to give you more information on myself as the banner implies, but also to start a civilized discussion on the things our society chooses to ignore. I clearly expect some to say many of these issues are "needlessly provocative and better left unsaid or left in the past". But since these things are still going on as we speak, to sweep them under the rug and pretend they don't exist would not only be wrong but also cowardly. Besides, one of the many mottos I live by is that "just because you disagree with someone, that doesn't mean you have to hate them". I also hope to inspire people to better themselves spiritually, to inspire people young and old alike to open their eyes to the truth of the world, and to show people that we can live & work together if we have the desire to do so. It's actually a lot easier to unclench our fists and shake hands than it is to stay in a perpetual state of suspicion against each other. All we lack is the desire to do so.

Positivity is not a flaw, kindness is not a weakness, and if united, the believers of the world can overcome any trials or tribulations. Welcome to my state of mind; hopefully I can inspire you to expand yours.