"Charity begins at home, and justice begins next door."
- Charles Dickens

I firmly believe the first and most important duty for every society is to protect its citizens. Striving to have a vibrant economy and a caring community are relatively useless if the basic right to survive isn't implemented first. In fact, my earlier stated beliefs that no person should go hungry, be homeless, or be denied health care go directly with the rights to safety and survival. I would even go so far as to say these would form the very foundation up my political beliefs.

Unfortunately not all people see things this way, especially the ruling class. Too many times people's lives are put at risk so that profits can be made or egos can be stroked. This applies not just to the safety of foods and other consumer goods, but also to the conditions that allow rape, child abuse, and domestic violence to flourish. And wars by their very nature are incredible injustices, seeing as the ones declaring the wars are wealthy, powerful, and are only invested in the conflict in business and investment terms. But the true victims of every war are the civilians that are killed, the communities that are destroyed, and the innocents that are manipulated into becoming trained killers because their leader got screwed over in a business deal.

The purpose of this section will be to expose, oppose, and help you oppose these injustices. I will begin with basic physical injustices, such as rape, domestic violence, child abuse and other forms of violence. But God willing, I intend to greatly expand this section to include political corruption, as well as economic and consumer goods related topics.