How can so many Americans be uninterested in politics? This simply baffles me. For all the talk in pop culture about "money & power", you'd think every American would be a political expert. After all, politics is the literal making of, interpretation of, and enforcement of the laws in a society. This is the the greatest form of worldly power a person can have- the literal power to shape the laws around you and use legal force to enforce your decisions. So once again, for all the talk in pop culture about "money & power", you'd think everyone here would be political experts.

Instead, you'll find an alarmingly large group that don't even vote, much less care about politics. For all the talk about "freedom" and all the patriotic sounding slogans expressing our "love of democracy", why would so many be so unwilling to get involved in the workings of our own governments? Then I realized something disturbing. This mindset is by design. Getting the majority of Americans to not care about politics is the intended result of the powers that be. The ruling class benefits greatly from the way things are right now, and the last thing they want to do is allow the lower classes to change them.

Luckily for us, we still live in a constitutional democracy, so they can't outright ban us from voting (yet). So instead, they use different manipulation techniques to get the same results. Forcing us not to vote? Illegal. Convincing us it's pointless to vote? Legal. Banning entire economic groups from voting? Illegal. Making all voters show proof of land or home ownership, or pass rigged "literacy tests" in order to vote? Borderline legal (in some cases, though they should be illegal according to voter suppression laws). Banning entire racial groups from voting? Illegal. Setting up roadblocks and police checkpoints in mostly minority neighborhoods on election day and throwing out votes from legal citizens if they file them in the wrong polling station? Legal. We can list dozens of different examples like this.

In this section, my intentions are to show you the basics of politics, and to expose "The Show" (the actions strictly meant for public consumption), the actual duties of politicians, and the different ways you can get involved.

Organizations & Key Links
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