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(just a note - I'm not sure how good this link is, since personally I've bought several books and am using online videos to help my studies)

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Okay... since religion is an incredibly touchy subject that can turn people into enemies fairly quickly, I'll keep this light & brief. I love God, love life and would absolutely love to see all forms of life living together in harmony, both on Earth & in Heaven. I see everyone as family, regardless of ethnicity, gender or beliefs.

I am a Muslim so naturally I'll be focusing my links on Islamic resources. Originally, my intentions weren't to be a spokesman for Islam yet, because my knowledge of Scripture is still limited. Plus there are far more learned & knowledgeable Islamic scholars and leaders that can answer your questions better than I can. But by the very nature of me being a "public figure", I've realized that people will be looking at me as an example of what it means to be a Muslim. And since I may be the first (or only) Muslim some people feel they can speak to or listen to, I have to be a good example. So I'll try to answer a few of the basics & clear up some misconceptions about Islam. Then I'll try to point you in the direction of better sources of knowledge on Islam.

A second major category I will explain here is the Devil ("Shaytan" in Islam), his goals and the way he influences people. I've been focusing my research on him & his human minions for a while now, and God willing, I should be able to expose a lot of these things here. I'll also be highlighting other religious & spiritual practices I respect or suspect, so this will probably be my personal favorite section.

And for the record, I'll explain the 2 symbols in my banner. The symbol to the right is the Arabic writing for "Allah", which means "God" (though technically, it's a much stronger & more glorious word than the english word "God"). I was trying to find Arabic calligraphy for the words "Islam" & "Muslim", which mean "submission (to God)" and "one who submits (to God)". The symbol to the left is the crescent moon, which has become the universal symbol for Islam. Note, I said "has become". The Prophets themselves never used this symbol so I'm only using it temporarily to identify myself as a Muslim to everyone I meet.

Also for the record, the spelling for the word "Qu'ran" is sometimes seen as "Koran", or "Quran". All of these suitable, since the word is actually Arabic and these are just phonetic attempts to write the word in English.