Willing Servants

We have to be honest with ourselves about our collective problems
and recognize our faults if we’re ever gonna try to solve them
if you wonder why politicians don’t take us seriously
it’s cuz we have no unity and don’t own anything
no economic or political power either
we won’t even help our own, so why would they think we’re equals?
creatively we’re geniuses but we’re too short-sighted
creating new fads and styles only to sell off the rights and
then they buy it cheap and take it global and we lose a fortune
waste our money as consumers and once again we’re left with nothing
blindly supporting those who don’t reward our loyalty
so unsurprisingly our people are still trapped in poverty
and fake minority leaders, taking payments under the table
with orders to suppress or sabotage minority organizations
faking progress to keep us satisfied with the status quo
refusing to oppose their donors while their members are hurting and broke
then our leaders overseas, forcing their people to mine minerals
serving as virtual slaves since their early days as children
exporting resources from our homeland for pennies
getting screwed by global investors, who profit by the billions
or serving them by killing each other in proxy battles
in regional wars started by their former colonial masters
serving those foreign interests, assassinating your own leaders
choosing money over life, blood money over your people
and the brothers in our military, a forbidden subject
getting sent overseas to kill other people of color
over some rich man’s grudges or to suppress their public
only to come back as 2nd class citizens still struggling
or black American males serving Colombian cartels
selling their drugs and taking the fall when their operations fail
so you wind up serving the County, picking up trash for redemption
or serving the rest of your lives in their corporate-run prisons
even our educated people are constantly getting robbed
brainwashed to think “success” is being employed at one of their jobs
even though you have the talent and knowledge to start your own
end up working your lives away, don’t even own your own homes
then you have our celebrities, international idols
wealthy, adored by millions, their influence has no rivals
yet even these superstars willingly bow down
behind closed doors when their masters come around
faithfully paying tribute to the ones writing their checks
you make them so much money yet still get no respect
if only your fans knew that you’re nothing like your image
selling out your own people so you can earn the Devil’s privilege
endorsing his sinful or wasteful lifestyle or products
selling poison to our people, getting rich in the process
now you might think it’s worth it but this is not our purpose
from kings in our homeland to the world’s willing servants

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