Music fans craving something new definitely won't be disappointed by the progressive rapper Raushan. By writing, producing, and mixing all of his works, Raushan can easily deliver complex rhyme schemes that evolve over ever-changing beats. Though his sometimes mellow & sometimes rapid fire delivery will certainly keep listeners intrigued, his provocative content is what will keep people talking. He seems to relish in exposing the side of reality that societies try to hide, touching on, racism, political & economic scandals, history, and religion.

Raushan has released 2 new albums within a five week span, “American Nightmare” and now “Blood of Kings.” Each album has a unique theme, with "American Nightmare” focusing on American history from the point of view of minorities, and “Blood of Kings” focusing on inspiring the African American community to unite & become self-sufficient. Each song on “American Nightmare” reads like a chapter in a grim novel, conveying such topics as the Native Americans' view of the invaders, the atrocities of the African slave trade, and the struggle to overcome the Segregation era. “Blood of Kings” takes a completely different approach by highlighting the rise and fall of African kingdoms & prophets, and how today’s black communities can reclaim their lost status of equality. These daring projects destroy all stereotypes of what a rap album can be about, and will definitely leave his fans craving more.

Raushan's unique form of music stems from his passion for experimenting with new concepts while proving that rap music is perfectly suited for teaching the masses. He neither curses nor uses derogatory language, and gives all of his music away for free. Raushan strives to be an example to aspiring artists that they don't have to conform to industry norms in order to be heard.

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