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American Nightmare


I am the American nightmare and that’s fine by me, a young black Muslim male with a degree
part Creek Indian and I know my history, a socialist with progressive ideologies
an activist like those before me, the offspring of a well-educated family
born in Florida but raised in Tennessee; first time seeing skinheads and neo-Nazis
as a teen, I rebelled and chose to be in the streets, my dream was to make it in the music industry
so I sold studio time, beats and cds with my boys from Edgehill, Folk, and AP
doing shows and promoting all across the Southeast, but no matter where I went, I always saw the same thing
same drugs, same street life, and same poverty, same corrupt cops and police brutality
took a few years off, got certified in IT as I worked as a temp for many big companies
found myself with a passport, working overseas, on an outsourcing gig while at MPC
saw the truth of free trade and income inequality, exploitation of the poor by those same companies
seeing Mexican engineers hoping to be a Wal-Mart cashier across the border cuz it paid a better salary
God opened my eyes to reality, now I see past the lies my country told me
not seduced by your greed or material things, fight for my beliefs, the truth I must speak
my dream is to build a community that’s based on compassion and unity
while that may be a dream to empower the weak, I guarantee that the wealthy will preach it’s America’s Nightmare


All I see widespread poverty
Homelessness and greed
(abuse of our women and kids, that’s America’s nightmare)

Drugs and disease, crimes and bigotry
Wars that fuel the Beast
(struggling just to survive)


I’ve lived the poor man’s nightmare, one step from living in the streets; no car, no job, barely anything to eat
stressed out, trying to find a way to get back on my feet, $30 to my name, on a floor I would sleep
But at least I could ask friends and family for help, while the poorest in our nation have to fend for themselves
What kind of civilized nation doesn’t care about the health of its people, demonizing welfare?!
This is crazy, how did we become so mean? If the Prophets returned, I wonder what they’d think
Would they weep for our suffering, poor, and diseased? Or say it’s our punishment for following the Beast?
They told us to make peace and honor our Creator, to help out the poor and to love thy neighbor
Instead, our country has embraced its hatred, so we sacrifice the innocent to earn the Devil’s favor
And that’s why we always have money for war but never for peace, or to help those in need
It’s cuz we live in a “war-based economy”, which means for us to keep our way of life, somebody’s gotta bleed
So our military leaders and these crooked politicians, concoct more missions to invade more civilians
ordering our soldiers to torture and kill them, justifying murder while we plunder their riches
Then do the same thing here, encouraging these bigots to hate everyone who thinks or looks different
overlooking the crimes these snakes are committing, like raping and molesting our women and children
They then blame the victim, but claim their religious; yet still hate Hispanics though Hispanics are Christians
Hate all Muslims, wanna kill us by the millions, even though we worship the God of all existence
They call themselves Christians but the Prophets Jesus, and Moses, and Noah would label them “heathens”
Because these people are spiteful and deceitful, making the world a nightmare for the believers
They hate the poor, love war and avarice; you really think it’s God that’s encouraging this?
If Christ ever returned, I’m truly convinced that Americans would have him lynched, cuz he’d oppose this nightmare


All I see widespread poverty
Homelessness and greed
(abuse of our women and kids, that’s America’s nightmare)

Drugs and disease, crimes and bigotry
Wars that fuel the Beast
(while the poor suffer…)


I’ll show you the rich man’s nightmare, give me 5 years and I can transform this nation into something great
The first day, add 100,000 lawyers and detectives to investigate then flush out the snakes
Arrest a third of the ruling class, confiscate the riches that they stole then hid offshore when the economy collapsed
Revamp the whole tax code til they’re paying half; rebuilding the country on the backs of the upper class
Nationalize the Federal Reserve and most banks, outlaw hedge funds and regulate free trade
Launch a second New Deal as we then take control of our resources, they’re ours in the first place
Permanently ban companies that have defrauded the government from future contracts and that’s regardless
of whether or not it causes markets to drop, reward the businesses that played fair and employ the starving
disband the CIA and most intelligence agencies, (then) try their top brass for crimes against humanity
then launch a real investigation into 9/11, prosecuting all involved in the conspiracy
for that and the Iraq War too, the neo-conservatives and John Yoo, who
authorized us to torture and all who knew, and yeah Colin Powell, that includes you too
end our wars overseas like Afghanistan, cease operations and leave most bases on foreign land
“secure our own land” is a better plan, better than killing more civilians, that just props up the Taliban
solve things using diplomatic ends, cut the military budget by like 80%
use the money we would’ve spent on health care for all, using money to save lives instead of killing them
then strengthen the laws against rape and abuse, protecting our women, orphans and youths
expand civil rights and have equality for all, give all citizens free shelter and food
then release or retry all the poor in our prisons whose cases were rigged or defense was insufficient
then arrest many police and politicians, forcing them to deal with the system they invented
end the War on Drugs and begin giving treatments while freeing the first time users, it’s needless
to lock up the users while the people who are bringing drugs into the country walk free, so I’m speaking
to you. I hope I’m making myself clear, I’d wage a war on trafficking and sex slaves here
no mercy for the predators that prey on their fears; and all of this within the first year of the rich man’s nightmare


All I see widespread poverty
Homelessness and greed
(abuse of our women and kids, that’s America’s nightmare)

Drugs and disease, crimes and bigotry
Wars that fuel the Beast
(one day, I hope we wake up from America’s nightmare)

Key Terms
Hmmm... not much to point out with this one either... Guess I'll rant a little.
Income Inequality
This is an interesting table with the minimum wages globally.

Convert their wages into dollars on any online currency converter & you'll be shocked at how low the wages are in some regions of the world. (tip: I just google the currency abbreviations like this "UGX to USD")

War Based Economy

(I'm aware that you probably already know what that means, but I'm calling it for another reason. I firmly believe the goods of a region should be used to better the lives of the people in that area. If your city is sitting on a billion dollars worth of oil, your city should get to use that oil to improve itself (schools, infrastructure, public transport, a city-wide safety net, food programs, etc) before others can profit from your surplus. I absolutely can't stand the idea of wealthy investors in Brussels extracting & keeping billions of dollars worth of precious metals from a poor country, while the poor country's workers get a pauper's wages, no employee benefits, and get arrested or killed for trying to get a share of the proceeds. It's greedy, downright evil, and happening right now in South Africa w/their platinum & gold mines, as well as many other countries. To me, it's no different than the conquistadors & the economic systems they forced onto the Natives- grueling labor w/little or no pay for the poor indigenous people while the proceeds are shipped back to the wealthy countries, where they can further exploit those goods. That's how the rich get richer & the poor die of malnutrition. That's also why our politicians hate Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez. He and the leaders of many other developing nations have been nationalizing different companies operating in their countries. And of course, our corporation-controlled governments do like this, so those leaders are demonized until our public calls for a war to replace them with leaders the corporations accept.)

John Yoo & the Torture Memos
Last but not least, please compare the statistics for the rest of the world to the US in incarceration rates, health care costs, military costs, obesity, child obesity, opiate usage, drug usage, economic mobility, child pregnancies, underaged executions, gun ownership, deaths by gun violence, the number of American children killed every year due to abuse or neglect (at least 5,000 a year)...

If we really want to preach the dream of peace, freedom, & equality to the rest of the world, shouldn't we clean up our own country first?