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They like to claim it was the Natives on the warpath, threatening our nation
but in truth it was the invaders who were at war with the Natives
trying to wipe out their cultures while forcing assimilation
as 2nd class citizens for the indigenous populations
those resisting were forced to give up their land or they killed them
craving their natural resources, they did anything to get them
enslavement for the men and sex slavery for the women
their colonies in the Americas and Australia had this system, cuz...

1st Bridge

Rich Europeans and their descendants
did this for centuries during Colonialism
when the indigenous people would fight against them
the colonists would start pretending that they're the victims, but...

1st Chorus

How do you steal entire continents?
How do you steal entire continents?
How do you kill off their inhabitants
then claim that you're the victims?


I bet they never told you Europeans were scalping since the Romans
and both the colonists and the Natives scalped each other for tokens
in fact, both the Mexican and American governments
offered bounties for scalping Natives until the late 1800's
Cromwell sent thousands of Irish to Barbados through slavery
and Natives were also enslaved until the 1780's
the South American colonies only stopped cuz the Vatican
said the only righteous form of slavery was that of Africans

2nd Bridge

Adopting the Talmud's Curse of Canaan
virtually all Abrahamic denominations
claimed black people were destined for this enslavement
enabling many racists for generations, but...

2nd Chorus

How do you build slave colonies?
How do you keep slave colonies
like Jamaica, Barbados, and Haiti?
then claim that you're believers, huh?

I would think they'd know
(Tell me why so many had to die?)
But the less they know
(the more that they can lie)

3rd Verse

When the Somersett Case in 1772 ended slavery in England,
abolitionists tried to extend this throughout the British Kingdom
only then did our wealthy, slave owning, men of business
and their Freemason friends decide to fight for independence
later called “the Founding Fathers”, they cried for rights and liberty
even though they oppressed the Natives, blacks were slaves, and women were property
and most white males were workers or indentured servants
that couldn’t vote but the Founders needed their numbers for their purpose
using war propaganda, they launched a successful rebellion
by convincing workers to join them even though those who helped them
still had no voice under the Articles of Confederation
but the Founders got their nation, now they could set their sights on the Natives, so…

3rd Bridge

Then they continued with their invasion
Breaking the will of the Natives through subjugation
Taking their sacred lands, no compensation
Defaced them with plantations and mining operations

3rd Chorus

How did you think they built this country?
How did you think they made their money?
On the backs of slaves and those in poverty
Then act like nothing happened, but…

I would think they'd know
(Tell me why so many had to die?)
But the less they know
(the more that they can lie)

I would think they'd know
(Tell me why so many had to die?)
But the less they know
(the more that they can lie)

Key Terms
(note: A few of these are repeats because I touched on those topics again and want to make sure you get it. And some of these you'll have to dig around for. These are very sensitive topics in the academic world, and many revisionists try to water down or outright deny the role religions had in these atrocities. In fact, speaking on this stuff can literally get me killed one day. But my hope is that by learning the truth, people can realize that religions themselves aren't the problem. Sadistic people who use religions to justify their vices are the problem. And those kinds of false believers can be found anywhere & in any religion or ideology.)
Forced Assimilation
Slavery in the British Empire
Australia & the treatment of the Aborigines
Slavery in Oceania
(note: Originally I was going to say "Americas and Oceania" at the end of the 1st verse, but changed it at the last minute because I kept stumbling over that line. I still want people to look into the history of the Solomon Islands, Cook Islands, and the surrounding nations, though.)
Colonialism (the time period)
The history of scalping in North America
Oliver Cromwell & "To Hell or Connaught"
Irish slaves in the New World
Look up the historical differences in "just" slavery and "unjust" slavery.
Revisionists try to say the Catholic Church was always against the slave trade, but this simply isn't true. Most South American & Caribbean colonies were founded by European Catholic countries, paid tribute to the Vatican, and are majority Catholic to this day. Pope Benedict XIV in 1741 laid a strong case against unjust slavery of the Natives, but not the "just" slavery of Africans.
"The Curse of Ham" & "the Curse of Canaan"
Christian justifications for slavery
Slavery in Islam
Yeah I'm a Muslim, but I've got to expose them too. Many of the Arab nations had African slaves, with Saudi Arabia & Yemen only abolishing slavery around 1962; even though the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his actual followers practiced manumission and preached against slavery.
The Talmud's Justifications for Slavery
(I'm calling out the Talmud specifically for a reason. The Bible & Tanakh mention a curse on Noah's grandson Canaan, but they don't describe the curse. The Talmud is the first & only book that said the curse was the black skin of Ham, and that justification is where Islam & Christianity got it from.)
The histories of Jamaica, Barbados, Haiti, and other Caribbean countries
The Somersett Case
West Africa Squadron
Articles of Confederation